Implant Guard

Implant Guard is a novel, safe and cost effective technique to bond antivirus and antimicrobial agents to medical devices made out of plastics, metal or combinations thereof.


Despite the latest advances in technology and material implants, Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI), also known as a nosocomial infection is still a major problem and a serious threat to public health. HAI’s are caused by viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens; the most common types are bloodstream infection (BSI), pneumonia (eg, ventilator-associated pneumonia [VAP]), urinary tract infection (UTI), and surgical site infection (SSI). Worrying figures from the UK Government show that more than 4 million patients in Europe experience a HAI each year, and around 37,000 die as a result of it


ImplantGuard possesses the following unique strength when compared to any other technology available in the market or still in research field:
  • BETTER THAN CURRENT TECHNOLOGY – 10 times faster kill than silver and copper
  • PATENTED – Patented in Europe and Worldwide
  • 360° APPLICABILITY – It can can be used to coat plastics, metal, glass, ceramics
  • COST EFFECTIVE- Economic and cost effective compared to all other process
  • PERMANENT – Bonding of clorexidine lasting up to 10 years. strong Co-valent chemical bonding
  • STRONGER – Kill rate Log6 reduction compared to Log3 industry standard
  • IMPROVE SAFETY – It prevent surface colonization and biofilm formation. Prevents recontamination and onward transmission
  • TESTED – Test according to ISO 22196 (antibacterial) ISO 21702:2019 (antiviral)
  • STERILIZABLE – Stable and durable also after sterilizable (Gamma and Beta)
  • ADAPTABLE – Surface treatment can be optimized to any shape of the device

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