Our Technology

Innovative Non-leaching, Anti-bacterial 6 antivirus surface treatment

ImplantGuard offers a patented, cost effective and unique technology that is able to prevent infection on a wide range of medical device applications.
The ImplantGuard technology also has significant advantages in having the capability to kill bacteria which have already developed resistance to antimicrobials and has also exhibited virucidal behaviour to wider coronaviruses on selected non porous surfaces.
The performance characteristics of the surface created are highly commercially desirable:

  • The ImplantGuard surface rapidly destroys a broad spectrum of bacteria that come into contact.
  • The ImplantGuard surface have also shown efficacy against fungi.
  • The ImplantGuard surface exhibits a significantly faster bacterial kill rate compared to the alternative biocidal surfaces and independent data shows that bacteria can be killed in milliseconds.
  • The ImplantGuard surface has shown greater than 99.9% efficacy in under 5 minutes in independent laboratory tests.

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